Pennies for Friendship

Pennies for Friendship provides a way for each individual member of societies to take an active part in the work of ACWW.  By contributing to Pennies for Friendship, each member promotes world friendship, understanding and goodwill.  Pennies for Friendship are a major source of the income to carry out the work of ACWW.  CWC urges members to participate in this activity.

What kinds of projects do our “pennies” support?
The many “coins” from the U.S. are joined by coins from Germany, England, Canada, Wales, Australia, South Africa…and other countries.  Some of the coins remain in London to run the office of the ACWW.  They also will be used to help support grants given by the United Nations for field work in developing countries or informing member societies of help available through these grants.  The coins help ACWW members speak for rural women and homemakers at United Nations meetings or arrange seminars in literacy, nutrition and child care in developing nations.  They’ve been used in India to fight nutritional blindness and help fund skill training in agriculture, day care centers, home economics and income-generating programs for women.  ACWW have helped fund beekeeping in Botswana, palm oil production in Ghana, sunflower production in Cameroon, goat raising in Haiti, and malnutrition, safe water, unemployment, disease, illiteracy in many other nations.  With the help of UNESCO funds, ACWW pennies have provided tube wells in Assam, Bengal and Pakistan and water storage tanks in the South Pacific.  Coins collected also are used to support such projects as IFYE, International Peace Garden, Mini-Stipends, Feed Women of the World, Safe Water and Our International Homemaker Exchange Program.