The Country Women’s Council of the United States of America (CWC) objective is to unite into a cooperative, working organization, the USA societies affiliated with the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), whose rural and urban members represent varied races, nationalities and creeds; who believe that communication based on friendship and understanding will advance peace and progress; and who believe that the quality of life is improved for all people through the following:

* The relief of poverty,

* The advancement of education and,

* The relief of sickness, and the protection and preservation of health.

Provide a means whereby the member societies of CWC may meet for discussion and consultation on matters pertaining to ACWW.

Discuss and correlate recommendations of member societies to ACWW as to its policies and activities, always considering the international character of ACWW.

Further these objectives by following the activities as outlined in the ACWW Constitution.

Each Society is autonomous and may take individual action as it desires.